Fabian Schroder

Hangar Eden

2013 - 2014

If amusement actually is an extension of labor under late capitalism (– as Adorno/Horkheimer suggest), then Brandenburg’s Tropical Islands is the zombifying playground of the proletarian. But it is not. Rather, it seems the artificial landscapes of Tropical Islands dissolve the lines between heteronomous and autonomous life; a former airship hangar stages a tropical utopia for people to recreate, conveniently embedded in the rhythm of modern day work life. The quick break in paradise within one’s reach might make returning to an automated life a shade easier. Marcel Wrzesinski

Tropicana 404, Somos Arts, Berlin, DE, 2015
Recreation Now & Hangar Eden, Raumteiler Vienna, AT, 2014
Pop Magazin 5 Release / Recreation Now & Hangar Eden, Grünberger Str. 22, Gießen, DE, 2014