Fabian Schroder


Born 1984 in Berlin, Germany.
Lives and works in Berlin.

Fabian Schroder

Fabian Schroder studied art and design with a focus on photography in Antwerp, Vienna and Brussels. His photographic projects revolve around urban and recreational development. Which living concepts does mankind create? How do we spend our free time?

His initial project Recreation Now focuses on recreational housing phenomena. This theme developed into a more comprehensive leisure leitmotif with the series Hangar Eden, shot at the theme park Tropical Islands in Brandenburg [DE]. In his 2019 completed series Plastic Habitat, his focus extended to residential development in the outskirts of Dubai [UAE]. Currently, he is working on the project In Natura which shows urban objects that imitate various aspects of nature.

For selected artwork sales please refer to Galerie Transit.




MA, LUCA School of Arts Brussels, dep. Photography

BA, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, dep. Art and Photography

BA, Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, dep. Photography